About Bugsbalance

Picture - the first BugsBalance line

Story of BugsBalance

How it all began and why we call it Bugs Balance

Once on a surf trip a friend rigged a slackline while waiting for wind.
It was suprising how easy it was to learn the basics and get really hooked!
But rigging was way too complicated and the pricetag was massive…

So we decided to make a better and more affordable slackline hoping that more people would enjoy this cool activity.

We were the first to build a compact slackline with a ratchet. It was brilliant but we had no idea what to call it. On our rigged prototype line a few bugs ran around as easy as walking anywhere. The name was born.

Since 2006 we have sold our slackline all over the world and become a recognized brand.

Happy Slackin’
Mats Kempe, founder BugsBalance

PS. Want to read more about slacklines? Take a look at the Wikipedia slackline page


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